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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." – Unknown

William Murdoch

William Murdoch was born in 1754 in Scotland.  He even once walked 300 miles just to get to the town in which James Watt (famous for improving the steam engine)!  The young Murdoch worked for James Watt throughout his childhood.  Later, Murdoch invented gas lighting.  Gas lighting is the production of artificial light from burning gaseous fuel.  The use of the gas light spread quickly because he didn’t patent it.  His gas lighting led to the adoption of electricity.  He also made an improvement to Watt’s steam engine, but didn’t gain a lot of publicity from it.  He even developed a working steam car.  His steam car led to more modern locomotives.  He is my favorite inventor this week because I rode a train at Thomas the Train festival with my cousin, Isaiah.

A Letter To My Friend, Coleigh

August 17, 2017

Dear Coleigh and Olivia,

It has been a while since we last chatted.  I miss you guys so much!  I wish we could be playing stuffed animals or wolves right now.  I’m actually into birds at this particular moment…oh how times change. How are you both doing?  It’s been pretty good at my house.  The cats are cute as always and the sky is always blue.



P.S.  Please say hi to Katie and Matt for me!

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Throughout his childhood he wanted to be a sailor, but his father wanted him to be a preacher.  He then became an apprentice printer because he was always a learner.  He was one of America’s first inventors.  He invented many things such as the “Franklin Stove”, the Glass Harmonica, and the Lightning Rod.  He also founded a successful newspaper that spread his fame.  He became a Free Mason (a member of an international order which holds elaborate secret ceremonies) and a Founding Father (a person who starts or helps to start a movement in his case it was the founding of the United States of America).  He also signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which officially declared America’s freedom from England!  He is my favorite inventor this week because of his work that led to electricity which I’m using to write this very essay.


The Cockatiel

Once upon a time there was a cockatiel who was always nice to the other birds that were mean to him.  One night he had enough of the bullying.  He went to the birds and said “I am done being nice to you”.  The next day the cockatiel was adopted by a loving family.  Secretly the owner of the pet shop made sure that the mean birds didn’t get adopted for the pain they caused the poor cockatiel.  One day the owner said to the birds “You have been bad boys and the consequence for your wrongdoing is that you must stay here for ever”.  All the birds whispered and murmured, then said the big and aggressive macaw “Did you just assume my gender?”

Watch this cool video about cockatiels!

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew Review

This was a book about five poor children and their mother and father.  The moral of the story was that you can work through hard times if you stay positive.  It had some action, but not enough to keep me interested.  This book was by Margaret Sidney.

Budgie Drawing

I decided to draw a couple of Buderigars they are cute.

Threshing Machine

Andrew Meikle was born in 1719 in Scotland.  His father was an inventor and worked in a mill.  An early version of the threshing was built, but it was not commercially successful.   The threshing machine is a device that husks grain.   So, Meikle made some changes upon the existing thresher and it was more popular.  He patented  the new and improved threshing machine in 1788.  The design of the Meikle thresher stayed the same for about a century.  Meikle didn’t make a lot of money off of them.  Others made changes and improvements to get around the patent.  The Swing Riots (which were funded by upcoming agricultural business to make people dependent on big producer’s wheat instead of the smaller farmers) destroyed lots of threshing machines in the 1830s.  The population in Scotland grew 700% from 1700 to 1900, partially due to the increased production of wheat.  It is my favorite invention because it led to foods such as white bread and cereal.

Pet Birds

Most people buy a cat or a dog if they decide to get a companion, why not get a bird?

They are sensational pets that could liven up your household.  They are silly and amusing creatures.  Having a bird could make you happier because they are good companions and are very entertaining.  They have lots of colors too!  And most birds have a great singing voice! They don’t even have vocal cords!  They also have different personalities, some are more calm that others and some are more smart.  But they need proper care in order to have their beautiful feathers, healthy beak, and the vocals of an angel.  Studies have proven that being happy makes your body healthy.   Who wouldn’t want to be healthier, happier and share their life with a fun feathered friend?


Lego Parrots

I like these lego parrots because of all the colors! My Mom helped with the wings.

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