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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." – Unknown

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Our Trip To Tampa Bay Watch

Today we went to a marine research center on the coast of Tampa Bay for a field trip.    They do cleanups and their goal is to maintain a healthy enviorment .  When we arrived at the research center we found ourselves in the presence of a large, black and white bus reaching a halt.  Just as we walked in the area with the touch tanks we saw a class of kids scramble out of the bus and race up the stairs.  I’m positive every kid stared at Ella and I once or twice.  They were probably thinking “What are they doing down there?” or “Are they homeschooled?”.  We decided to keep looking at all the fish in the pools. They had snook, tarpon, pinfish, flounder, and more.  We didn’t stick our hands in the water because we didn’t have an okay to do it.  After a while we walked around the area for a little while and went up a flight of stairs to find an information center.  The man at the counter told us how to volunteer and gave my parents an information pamphlet and card.  We left soon after, but the trip to The Tampa Bay Watch was very fun!  My favorite part was seeing all the fish in the giant man-made pools.


A Boat Ride to Beer Can Island

On the 20th of April, my family went to Beer Can Island for a few hours.  We were one of the first people there and finding a place to anchor my Dad’s 20 foot Cape Horn that he got a few months ago was a breeze.  The guy next to us had a rescue dog named Loki.  I would say he was mostly lab but a mix of other breeds.  We made a sand village, explored around the island, and played in the water.  Our mom brought a blow-up flamingo float which took forever to blow up, even with a machine.  While Ella was taking her turn to ride the flamingo I realized that if you look into the water you can see tiny crabs fighting underneath the surface.  My Mom, Dad, and I played Frisbee for a while before Ella was done and I could take my turn on the flamingo.  I got kind of bored so I hopped off, put on my life vest like a diaper, and bobbed in the water.   I swam out as far as I could, then I realized I couldn’t touch the ground and floated back to shore.  A lot of people started boating into the island, so our Dad decided it was time to head home.  We packed up our stuff and headed to the MacDill Marina.  Our Dad cleaned his boat, our Mom cleaned the saltwater off the car, and Me and Ella rinsed off all of the toys and lifejackets.  Then we parked the boat and called it a day so we could play with our friend.  I had a great time at the beach!



My Trip To The Pool

On the 26th of April my Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Ella, and I went to the Elks Lodge because my Grandpa had a membership.  My sister and I enjoyed the pool for a few hours and ate grilled cheese sandwiches.  We couldn’t spend too long there because we had to give Soxs his eye meds (He’s fighting a painful eye infection and needs antibiotics every four hours).  My Mom and Dad are considering getting a membership so everyone could enjoy the pool more often.

My Purrspective 3

  I slept in late today, as usual.  Sloppily I bounced into the kitchen for a drink, I felt parched.  I slurped up some refreshing cold water.  A few minutes after getting up I  realizied it was night, I snuck out to the screened-in porch and climbed up the cat tower.  I gazed, enjoying the soothing wind and saw another cat.  I recognized this feline from back when I escaped a few months ago.  His name has Cocoa, he was a royal black tom with snowy paws and a milky chest.  He was brave and fierce, that wild mouser was an idol to me and Soxs.  He dashed across the street with great swagger.  Panting, he stared intently at us with a sparkle in his old, knowledgable, eyes.  He looked at us with approval before sprinting into the area behind the fragrant wood pile.  He left a few moments later with a mouthful of lizards locked in his jaws.  I turned to Soxs and we both scampered into the garage.  We tag teamed a big, fat, juicy cricket to give to Grammy.  Telling by how fast she made Mommy 1 pick it up, she must have loved it!  Stuffed full of pride I sleepily waddled onto the futon, had a giant yawn, and hit the hay.  I felt Soxs snuggle up to keep me warm.  I dreamt of a cozy sunny morning with birds chirping and an earthy, sweet breeze coming from the ocean. Then in a moment of fear I jumped at the sound of lightning.  Soxs and I bolted for the door and trampled on each other.  Mommy 1 closed the door quietly while Grammy calmed us with her gentle hands and soothing voice.  I shook my head and un-fluffed myself.  I rolled into her arms and purred like a lawnmower.  Soxs glared at me with pure jealousy for I had beat him to Grammy’s loving.  It looked like smoke was steaming from his ears.  I turned away from him and towards her loving green eyes.  She put me down quickly and got ready for bed.  When she was done and opened the door I sprung onto the bed and waited for her to come, I cleaned myself in the time she was gone.  I cuddled her and wraped my tail around her arm.  I heard Sox snuggle around Grammys other arm but I was too tired to care.  Thank you for reading my Purrspective 3, and I hope I can get the fouth one in less time than this one, sometimes it’s hard to type with paws.

Cleaning Fort Desoto

On the 28th of April my Mom, sister, and I went to Fort Desoto.  Someone had let a bunch of napkins fly everywhere.  Our beach neighbor helped up pick up all the napkins, I found that was a really likable thing to do.  Don’t litter on the beach, it isn’t good for the beach ecosystem and other people have to pick it up for you.

My Purrspective 2

As I tracked Grandma into the bedroom I could feel my stomach quaking and throbbing in agony.  Quickly, I ran towards the food dish and wolfed down half a dish.  After I replenished my strength I darted into the bedroom.  I then saw Soxs on top of Grandma stealing my cuddles!  He always has to rob me of her love!  Filled with anger and jealousy I painfully ran into the hallway plotting revenge.  Soxs again had stolen affection from Grandma that was rightfully mine!  I saw her leave the bedroom and with long strides into the kitchen.  She gracefully reached for a can of tuna high on the shelf stacked with cans of food.  She briskly grabbed it and took the top off.  She drained the sweet savory nectar onto a plate for me!  She took a little slice of tuna and put it onto the plate.  It tasted like sweet Ambrosia while I impatiently downed the tuna.  Soxs scowled at me but I turned the other cheek.  Soxs and I got very tuckered and decided to settle our differences and snuggle on Grandma’s bed.  I dreamed of Grandma stroking and caressing me.  I love the way that she tenderly smiles at me with affection.  I opened my eyes harshly at the slamming of the front door.  I knew what this ment, waiting for my beloved Grandma to come back for me.  Boredom gnawed at my heart, I longed for my sacred Grammy.  It felt like hours waiting around for her.  Finally she came back and gave me a big buttscratch right above my tail.  Noticing that I had the tummy grumbles I raced Soxs to the food bowl, he beat me by half an inch!  I patiently waited for him to finish.  He ate twice as slow just to annoy me but I wouldn’t let him get the better of me.  I nudged him on the haunches impatiently to say “Hurry up!”.  He smirked at me and jerked away.  After I choked downed a mountain of food I dashed away to go into the screened-in porch and climbed up the tower that my Grammy, Great Uncle Derrick, my Great Grandpa, and my dreaded Mommy 1 (Thea) had built me.  There is a hole on the top of the tower that is big enough for my belly to rest in, It is pretty comfortable.  When I got bored I laid down on the cold smooth tile and did a sploot.  A sploot is when an animal lies on its belly and stretches out its back legs.  Then Grammy took a photo of my precious, furry, little butt.  Soxs always gets jealous when I sploot because it gets me lots of his attention but he was nowhere to be seen, then with the fury of an eagle, pounced on my flank and chomped down like a lion.  I howled in pain struggling to get up and sprint away.  Rolling and turning he kept his jaws locked on.  I flipped over and smacked his head into the wall.  I scurried away in terror, I felt a warm liquid drip down my leg.  I thought it was blood rushing from my leg but it was actually lukewarm saliva from Soxs’ mouth.  I just stopped, dropped, and rolled that nasty substance off my leg.  I decided that I deserved a nap and curled up underneath my mommy 1’s bed and hit the hay.  I had wonderful dreams about my Grammy petting me.  Then I dreamed about a world made out of tuna.  I chomped on a house for a while then strolled around this fishy paradise.  I softly opened my eyes and dived out from under the bed.  I made a sharp turn into Grammy’s room and saw Grandpa on the bed.  I leaped onto the bed and rolled onto his belly for a great petting.  He stroked me on the belly the rubbed behind my ears.  Then I drowsily shut my eyes.

Hopefully you liked My Purrspective 2 just as much as the first one.  If you are enjoying the series comment if you want a My Purrspective 3 and I will write another.


Me and my Sister made unicorn cookies that we got from our Aunt Susie.  We made them yesterday and they are delicious.

My Spring Break

On the 25th of March our cousins Ethan, Isabel, Trinity and their parents, Joe and Laurie, drove all the way from Indiana to Florida to stay a week.  They also brought their hound/Vizsla mix puppy Zeva.  I enjoyed having our cousins here most of their visit. Ethan is a 16-year-old that pretty much just played Fortnite for most of the trip.  He went to the beach a few times when his Mom nagged him.  Isabel is 13 and is only a little cooler than him.  She does complain about a lot of stuff like how the food is better in Hawaii than it is in Florida.  Trinity is the only cousin I really like because she is so laid back and pretty chill.  We went to Bay Vista, gator-watching at Boyd Hill Preserve, and explored the sponge docks at Tarpon Springs.  The cousins also got to go on my Dad’s boat,  my Mom and I had to stay because there wasn’t enough room on the boat.  My mom got me a milkshake for being mature and volunteering to stay home.  My mom got a Hershey Chocolate milkshake I got a vanilla shake at Burger King and, mine was very delicious.  When we got home we had to watch the puppy, Zeva.  I did a lot of research on keeping a dog cool in the heat of Florida.

I liked having the cousins here and I hope they come back soon.

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