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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." – Unknown

My Purrspective 2

As I tracked Grandma into the bedroom I could feel my stomach quaking and throbbing in agony.  Quickly, I ran towards the food dish and wolfed down half a dish.  After I replenished my strength I darted into the bedroom.  I then saw Soxs on top of Grandma stealing my cuddles!  He always has to rob me of her love!  Filled with anger and jealousy I painfully ran into the hallway plotting revenge.  Soxs again had stolen affection from Grandma that was rightfully mine!  I saw her leave the bedroom and with long strides into the kitchen.  She gracefully reached for a can of tuna high on the shelf stacked with cans of food.  She briskly grabbed it and took the top off.  She drained the sweet savory nectar onto a plate for me!  She took a little slice of tuna and put it onto the plate.  It tasted like sweet Ambrosia while I impatiently downed the tuna.  Soxs scowled at me but I turned the other cheek.  Soxs and I got very tuckered and decided to settle our differences and snuggle on Grandma’s bed.  I dreamed of Grandma stroking and caressing me.  I love the way that she tenderly smiles at me with affection.  I opened my eyes harshly at the slamming of the front door.  I knew what this ment, waiting for my beloved Grandma to come back for me.  Boredom gnawed at my heart, I longed for my sacred Grammy.  It felt like hours waiting around for her.  Finally she came back and gave me a big buttscratch right above my tail.  Noticing that I had the tummy grumbles I raced Soxs to the food bowl, he beat me by half an inch!  I patiently waited for him to finish.  He ate twice as slow just to annoy me but I wouldn’t let him get the better of me.  I nudged him on the haunches impatiently to say “Hurry up!”.  He smirked at me and jerked away.  After I choked downed a mountain of food I dashed away to go into the screened-in porch and climbed up the tower that my Grammy, Great Uncle Derrick, my Great Grandpa, and my dreaded Mommy 1 (Thea) had built me.  There is a hole on the top of the tower that is big enough for my belly to rest in, It is pretty comfortable.  When I got bored I laid down on the cold smooth tile and did a sploot.  A sploot is when an animal lies on its belly and stretches out its back legs.  Then Grammy took a photo of my precious, furry, little butt.  Soxs always gets jealous when I sploot because it gets me lots of his attention but he was nowhere to be seen, then with the fury of an eagle, pounced on my flank and chomped down like a lion.  I howled in pain struggling to get up and sprint away.  Rolling and turning he kept his jaws locked on.  I flipped over and smacked his head into the wall.  I scurried away in terror, I felt a warm liquid drip down my leg.  I thought it was blood rushing from my leg but it was actually lukewarm saliva from Soxs’ mouth.  I just stopped, dropped, and rolled that nasty substance off my leg.  I decided that I deserved a nap and curled up underneath my mommy 1’s bed and hit the hay.  I had wonderful dreams about my Grammy petting me.  Then I dreamed about a world made out of tuna.  I chomped on a house for a while then strolled around this fishy paradise.  I softly opened my eyes and dived out from under the bed.  I made a sharp turn into Grammy’s room and saw Grandpa on the bed.  I leaped onto the bed and rolled onto his belly for a great petting.  He stroked me on the belly the rubbed behind my ears.  Then I drowsily shut my eyes.

Hopefully you liked My Purrspective 2 just as much as the first one.  If you are enjoying the series comment if you want a My Purrspective 3 and I will write another.



Me and my Sister made unicorn cookies that we got from our Aunt Susie.  We made them yesterday and they are delicious.

My Spring Break

On the 25th of March our cousins Ethan, Isabel, Trinity and their parents, Joe and Laurie, drove all the way from Indiana to Florida to stay a week.  They also brought their hound/Vizsla mix puppy Zeva.  I enjoyed having our cousins here most of their visit. Ethan is a 16-year-old that pretty much just played Fortnite for most of the trip.  He went to the beach a few times when his Mom nagged him.  Isabel is 13 and is only a little cooler than him.  She does complain about a lot of stuff like how the food is better in Hawaii than it is in Florida.  Trinity is the only cousin I really like because she is so laid back and pretty chill.  We went to Bay Vista, gator-watching at Boyd Hill Preserve, and explored the sponge docks at Tarpon Springs.  The cousins also got to go on my Dad’s boat,  my Mom and I had to stay because there wasn’t enough room on the boat.  My mom got me a milkshake for being mature and volunteering to stay home.  My mom got a Hershey Chocolate milkshake I got a vanilla shake at Burger King and, mine was very delicious.  When we got home we had to watch the puppy, Zeva.  I did a lot of research on keeping a dog cool in the heat of Florida.

I liked having the cousins here and I hope they come back soon.

Chalk Art

A few days ago my Mom, Sister, and I all made a small mural in-front of my Grandpas small chalet.  I drew most of the art including all of the tropical birds, the under water reef and shipwrecked boat, both whales, and the island with the coconut palm tree.  My mom drew a glowing sun, monkey under the macaws arm, and the dapper shrimp in a water droplet.

My Purrspective.

I woke up and stretched under Grammy’s bed , rested and yearning for food.  Grammy is a good person who provides lots of human chow and showers me with enjoyable belly rubs.  I sleepily stumbled through the maze of boxes under the bed and greeted the day with a proud smirk.  I raced to greet Soxs, my small, but fierce, brother.  I trotted up to him and playfully pounced on his back, biting his flank.  We rolled for a while, then he was on top, I despised when he was messing up my fur.  I twisted from under him then, sprinted and leapt onto the mocha-colored, cotton couch.  I swiftly turned around to see a silhouette of Soxs lunge at me.  Frozen with fear I stood staring at the charging feline, then he hit me.  I could feel his teeth latch onto my scruff and push me onto my back once more. Suddenly, to my rescue, a beautiful pair of feet came quietly walking towards us, just enough to distract my brother.  We both tumbled off of each other to stare and worship this beautiful human sitting on the couch next to us.  Her hair is smooth and soft, perfect to stick your claws into.  Her gentle hands are graceful and sweet.  Her face is gorgeous and kind.  She leaned over towards me and said “I love you little baby boy”.  I have no idea what it means but she says it with love, I think.  Soxs came down and purred like a boat motor.  She stroked him with sheer delight.  I got jealous after a few rubs.  I harshly bumped her foot as to say “Pet me now!”.  She sat up and walked away towards a loud beep.  Humans call it the coffee pot for some reason.  She gracefully stepped towards the bedroom to give Grandpa his coffee.  I’m going now, to get the loving I’ve been denied.

Rudolph The Stray Cat

Four days ago my family went to my Uncle’s house to deep-fry vegetables.  Ella brought a scooter and I brought my skateboard.  A few houses down we saw a reddish-colored cat laying on the road near a storm-water drain.  We slowly rode towards him.  I leaned down and petted him (that probably not a great choice because of all the sicknesses that he could have).  He was a very nice cat that mewed for attention.  We ran over to tell our Dad and he could have cared less.  Then Ella impatiently galloped to our Mom to tell her about the stray cat.  She, unlike my Dad, felt sorrowful and decided to help us.  She and Ella drove back to our house to get some food and flea medicine for him.  He gorged on the soft tuna we gave to him but didn’t enjoy the flea medicine on his shoulder blades.  We let his stomach settle and continued to deep-fry vegetables.  The next day we came back to feed him and put hydragin peroxide on his wounds.  My Mom just made him angry and he went back into the storm drain.   Yesterday my Mom told me that mange is highly contaigus to humans and we can get our cats sick and we cannot interact with him.  We hope that we can get him out of the streets and with a nice family.


For about two weeks I have been skateboarding.  I like skateboarding because it’s a challenge to learn and master.  On the first day I learned to pivot and monster walk because I had no problem standing on my board and pushing off.  Pivoting is when you put your weight on your back foot then turn to one side.  Your tail should not hit the ground.  Monster walking is when you stand on your nose and tail then pivot from side to side.  I practiced those tricks for a few days until I could do them very nicely.  I cannot Ollie very high yet but I’m still practicing.   I want to learn to Ollie because sliding and grinding on rails or ledges requires learning to Ollie pretty high.  I think it looks really cool when other people grind on rails.  I love riding my board over to my friend Celia’s house.  I will include a video in the link below of me skateboarding.

Thank you for reading my quick blurb about skateboarding.

Hamster Play Area

My dad, sister, and I made a cardboard hamster play area for my friend Celia’s hamsters, Pepper and Sugar.  It took a few days, to make but was worth the effort.  If you make a hamster house with hot glue, you have to make sure your pets don’t chew or eat the hot glue because it is toxic.  They can play with it only with supervision because of the structure is made of temporary materials.  I can’t wait to see them to use it!

The Day on The Pontoon Boat

Yesterday my family went to MacDill to rent a boat.  We went back and forth between two islands called Beer-can Island and Fantasy Island.  Beer-can Island is a small, sandy isle in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is nice to swim off of and the shores have great sandcastle building sand.  Fantasy Island is also a small island but the shores are all large shells.  The water is nice to swim in though.  Not the clearest water, but is cold and refreshing.  We saw lots of pretty shells, sea stars, views, and dolphins!  The picture above is of a dolphin that swam really close to us.  We didn’t touch it though because it is against the law and we didn’t feel like going to jail.


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