In ancient times there were only two ways to attack an enemy.  Attacking from the water in a war ship and also attacking by land. Swordsmen and archers attacked by land and wore heavy armor and rounded sword tips, but later evolved to  lighter chain mail and a sharper tip. After that, swords became less popular do to side arms being invented.  They became the new weapon of choice because they were faster and could penetrate armor with ease.

Warships on the other hand had two types of attacking other ships, ramming and boarding, most ways people used to board other warships is by attaching rope with hooks to the ship. Another way people used to attack other warships is by ramming the side of a boat with a ram below the water line (Originated from a trireme) to sink the other ship.

Improvements in metal, glass, swords and much more led to different inventions, like jets, tanks, guns, cannons, bombs, drones and satellites.  Technology helps protect soldiers and more effectively fight wars.