Mock : tease or laughed at in a scornful or contemptuous manner. He mocked her for falling into that mud puddle (verb).

Not real and is not trying to be.  My friends and I built a mock Disney castle in Minecraft. (adjective)


Ability: to have a skill to do something (noun).

She had the peculiar ability to wiggle her ears.


Essential: A need or important value( noun or adjective)

Water is an essential need for life.


Complete: To fulfill or succeed. (Adjective) You complete me, Ella

(Verb) I need a complete list to make pizza.


Basic: Forming or starting an essential foundation. You are basically silly.(Adjective) Everyone should know the basics of reading.


Peculiar: Strange or bizarre. (Verb or adjective)

(adjective)That peculiar house with all those staring cats is making me scared.


Routine: A repeat of actions that are followed regularly. (adjective) My routine is to wake up and start my homework. (verb) My routine chores are to brush my hair and teeth.


Tradition: A transmission of custom beliefs passed down from generation to generation. (noun) My family has the tradition of Friday pizza night.


Demonstrate: to show ability of something accurately. (verb) I demonstrate love for my  fish by feeding them.


Limp: Verb: to walk with difficulty from a result of injury. Noun: A tendency to limp from an injury or stiff leg. Adjective: Not firm, lacking structure.  The glove went limp after he took his hand out of it.