When my Dad and Papa Marc visited we all took a trip down to my uncle Tim and  Kristen’s house. We stayed there for about three days and played in their pool and with their four pets, two dogs and two cats.

After, we went home and unpacked our things from Germany.  Now I have a somewhat put together room.

After that we went to Busch Gardens and we rode the Cheetah.   You would go from zero to cheetah speed! Ella was 53 7/8 inches tall so she couldn’t ride the Kumba like Daddy and I did. I was mad because Ella is more brave than I am! We also went on the Phoenix. That ride made my Mom shed a few tears and went upside down! It was a simple boat that rocked and flipped upside down. It’s pretty scary, but the hardest part is to get on.

That is it for my Dad and Papa Mark’s visit, and it was very fun having them in Florida. I hope they come back soon.