Many different inventions have shaped architecture.

The Lighthouse: The first lighthouse was the lighthouse of Alexandria on the island of Pharos. It was around 500 B.C and had a lifespan of about 1,500 years! Alexander The Great was the first “ruler” of the port city Alexandria, but he died before he see the end result. Lighthouses shape architecture by guiding ships will say wood to the location from which it is supposed to be at.

The Crane: The essential parts for a crane is : a wench and a pulley. Using cranes will optimize how many men you need for a project. Cranes are more efficient and less time-consuming than having to do by hand. Cranes are very useful when it comes to building.

Many inventions have shaped modern architecture such as Lighthouses, The Crane, Drills, Ect. That is my essay on how tools have shapes architecture, I hope you learned something and enjoyed my essay.