When you walk in my dream room the walls would be lilac purple and the floor would be white and in the right corner you will see my 46″ wolf, Grey with the rest of her fuzzy friends besides a white pillar with grooves and lots of pictures of me and my family on it.

On one wall there would be a moral of wolves and under it would be my bed. I would have a walk in closet and clothes hangers to keep hoodies with of course wolves. My bed would be draped with a thick and cozy blanket with a picture of the woods on it. My pillows would be jet black. My nightstand would have a picture of my sis, Ella on the top and next to it any book I read before bedtime.

I would have a white desk with all my fish Helen, Tesla, Gavin, and Geo. Next to my bed there would be a black recliner and besides it would be a bookshelf, a lilac one perhaps. On the ceiling there would a lilac purple and white fan. And on the floor would be a nice black rug. That finishes my ideas for my dream room.