When the roman empire collapsed, Christian monks kept preserving civilization by using  many different technologies.

The cam was a tool that made it easier for the Monks to make beer. By boiling the water for the beer, the hot water killed the harmful germs.  The water was unsanitary due to bacteria and it might make people sick because the water spreads diseases. People that were sick could not work.

Gears were used in many different ways, such as automatons which the Monks used to copy books which they stored in humongous libraries.  This knowledge helped restore and reteach the lost information.

Cranks and connecting rods were used in things such as steam engines and car engines. The Greek and Chinese had the crank but overlooked a crucial aspect, but a Roman found out how to use the crank in reverse with a connecting rod which was useful in many ways such as reducing manual labor.

My favorite thing that I learned is about crossbows. Crossbows have slower reloading speeds then the bow and arrow but can penetrate heavy armor. My favorite thing this week were cams and water wheels because by using them together you can make a hammer on a kind of clock that can press iron or wheat which reduces labor force.

Thank you for reading my essay I hope you learned something.