Survive: To live in spite of danger. (Verb)

A long time ago people had to survive through winter.

Practice: A method of improving an ability or skill.(noun)

People say practice makes perfect, and it is true.

Attractive: Appealing or nice to look at. (Adjective)

My mom looked attractive in a dress.

Furious: Enraged or angered. (Adjective)

He was furious when his football team did not win the game.

Outstanding: Amazing, fantastic or worth excitement.

He was joyful of his outstanding flip on the diving board.

Weary: Showing tiredness. (Adjective or verb)

Two kids were weary because they stayed up late. (adjective)

Hardship: Severe suffering.

He victoriously over came the hardship of losing his arm by transferring pain.

Recognize: Having remembered someone or thing from having encountered them before. (verb)

Most people can recognize the McDonald logo because it is red and yellow.

Carefree: Having no responsibilities. (Adjective)

That dog is very carefree because he has his day all too himself in is doghouse.

Vast: A very great extent or quantity. (Adjective)

The vast prairie spread to all I could see.

Arena: A stadium full of seats for the viewers to enjoy entertainment. (Noun)

In a roman arena gladiators would battle to the death, with cheering fans in they’re seats  surrounding the fight.

Generosity: The quality of being kind. (noun)

I was joyed by the generosity of my friends.

Develop: To grow or mature into something elaborate.(verb)

I developed an extreme interest in wolves.

Instant: A very short space of time(noun)  Happening immediately. (adj)

In an instant he caught his mistake of leaving the water turned on in the sink.

Shallow: At low depth (verb) A low spot at a lake, ocean, pond ect. (noun)

The pond was so shallow I could see a school of fish.

Plead: to beg for something (verb)

She pleaded to her mom to go to the zoo.

Circular: Being the shape of a circle. (adj)

Cats have circular eyes and three eyelids.