Impact: Having forceful contact with something (noun) Have effect on something or someone. (verb) The person in the car crash had to brace for impact or he would get hurt. (noun)

Sturdy: Strongly or solidly build. (adj)

That blue sturdy boat could withstand the tough waves.

Noble: Belonging to a high social class (adj) A person with high rank.

The noble knight rode his horse in the pasture. (adj)

Blossom: To grow into something beautiful. (noun or adj)

The purple blossoms grew into beautiful flowers. (noun)

Entire: (adj) Full or whole part.

He ate the entire pie and was sick the next day.

Crafty: Good at achieving ones goals trickily. (adj)

The crafty crows followed the wolves on the hunt to snag a piece of the deer.

Confused: To make someone perplexed. (verb)

He was confused  because of that tricky math question.

Manufacture: To produce in large amounts (verb or adj)

A large toy manufacturer is Hasbro.

Address: write the name and address to someone on a package or letter. (verb or adj)

Every house has an address  so people know which one is theirs.

Dusk: Dark or dim (adj) to grow dark (verb) a darker stage of twilight.(noun)

My dad goes to work a little after dusk. (noun)

Queasy : Feeling sick (adj)

He felt queasy because he had the flu.

Focus: To find great interest or delight (noun) Move to see more clearly (verb)

He had to focus drawing a perfect circle or his drawing would not look right. (noun)

Congratulate: To make another feel good for something they did. (verb)

He congratulated his brother for graduating collage.

Master: To be in charge of someone or something (noun) To be great at something.(Verb) To gain control of; overcome (ADJ)

Rome had lots of slaves that all had masters. (noun)

Wreck: To collide into something and show damage (Verb or noun)

The train got wrecked when a car collided into it. (verb)