Chimney: The chimney is a rectangle made of bricks that has no top. The chimney was like a vent and let smoke out of the house. Before the chimney was invented high-class people had to eat and sleep in a main room with their servants because it was the only hot room in the house.  The chimney led to more privacy because the superior could have other rooms and still have chimneys that kept them warm on an upper-level of the house.  The chimneys led to indoor kitchens because it had a hot surface to boil water or cook food.  The chimney helped people in many ways such as keeping people warm and cooking food.

Universities: Before the university people had to stay home and teach their children.  A university is a public school. The dad is sort of  boss of the family.  He would decide who died and who lived in his family.  Tutors where another option but costs money.  Universities helped family members do more productive things while the child learns at school.

Wine Press: Wine making is a skill passed down from the first days of mankind. The wine-press is an easy way to make wine.  Before it people had to stomp on grapes in a bucket.  This way was not efficient because it had to have many people trampling on some grapes. This is revolting because…  Who wants foot wine?  The wine press is more efficient because you only need one person.

Ribbed Vault: The Ribbed Vault is a Romanesque semi-circle arch. The Romans took the style from Greeks architecture. The ribbed vault led to higher windows that let more light in because no buildings or trees were blocking the light. Higher windows led to beautifully decorated walls. Ribbed Vaults where only used in churches or in very important places.