For scholars and monks, growing older usually meant bad eye sight, resulting in early retirements.  The first eyeglasses were made in Pisa, Italy in the year 1286 and were made out of two pieces of crystal stones held together with a handle.   Lenses have been used since ancient times, but not to correct vision.  When people got more interested in optics, eyeglasses were invented.  In the 18th century, George Airy invented eyeglasses to correct distorted images caused by astigmatism.  Invented in the 18th century, monocles, or a single lens,  became popular.  Later reaching peak demand in Germany and Russia in the 19th century. The modern style of glasses was invented in 1730 by Edward Scarlett, which let the pieces sit atop your ears instead of holding them. Today glasses are used in fashion and work related ways.  The reason the eyeglass is my favorite invention this week is because I wear my polarized ones to go fishing and I can see fish in the water better.