Meadow: A plain near a river usually with long grass. (noun)

The doe grazed peacefully on the meadow.

Attempt: make an effort to complete something hard. (verb) to try to achieve something and fail (noun)

I failed after I attempted to do a backflip (noun)

Pointless: senseless or not worth doing (adj)

This sentence is pointless because no one will read it.

Resist: to withstand the effect of something (verb)

He resisted to eat all his Halloween candy in one night.

Flexible: Ready and able to adapt easily or to be bendy and not to break easily. (adj)

My schedule is flexible because I’m homeschooled.

Tour: to show someone an area or zone. (verb or m)

I gave a tour of my house to my neighbor to show them around. (verb)

Disclose: to reveal secret information. (verb)

His secret was disclosed after the news meeting.

Alert: to warn someone of possible danger (verb or adj) to be watchful (noun)

The dog was alert after he heard the loud noise. (noun)

Prepare: to get ready or arrange (verb)

Our assignment for science is to prepare a flounder.

Destructive : To cause great damage or harm. (adj)

Demolitions have to be destructive or they are not doing their jobs.

Column: A pillar that is used as a support. (Noun)

Most Greek buildings had columns to add support.

Heroic: Bold or valiant (noun) Has the traits of a hero (adj)

My grand pa is heroic because he fought in wars. (adj)

Extraordinary : Great or magnificent. (adj)

My mom is extraordinary because she makes me happy every day.

Ancestor: Someone that is related to you but is deceased. (noun)

My mom studies her ancestry so she can learn about her Dna.

Request: the act to ask for something politely or formally. (noun) politely or formally ask for (verb)

He made a request to his mom that she should get him a hot dog when she went to the store. (verb)

Variety: A bunch or a variation of things (noun)

I should eat a variety of foods to be healthy.

Confuse: To perplex someone. (verb)

I was confused with the math question.

Frequent: To repeat an action (adj) to visit somewhere often or habitually. (verb)

I have to clean my cat’s litter box frequently or it will smell revolting. (adj)

Represent: to show to enjoy or like something intently. (verb)

Senators represent their states by speaking about their state positively.

Orchard: a place where fruit trees are grown(noun)

Angry Orchard is a company that makes hard cider.