Andreas Vesalius was born December 31, 1514 in Brussels, Netherlands.  (Modern day Belgium) He was born into a special line of doctors.  His Great-grandfather and grandfather both served as doctors in the German Empire.  He started college in the Netherlands but went to Paris as he became more interested in anatomy.  He learned of Galen (a famous physician in 150 ad) and his critics.  He wanted to prove that Galen was wrong about human anatomy because Galen dissected pigs and monkeys and guessed that human anatomy would be about the same. Galen’s work hadn’t been criticized in 1300 years!  Galen couldn’t dissect humans because at the time it was considered very wrong to do so.  Usually doctors that teach, would get barbers (ones that did surgery) to dissect human corpses because they thought that they didn’t need to get their hands dirty. Vesalius dissected every one of the corpses that he used. His big impact on history is that he wrote “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” or On The Fabric Of The Human Body.  He is now known as the Father Of Anatomy.