Create: to build or design something. (verb)

I created a naval ship in a building game.

Blend: to mix something with another thing. (verb)

My mom blends fruit smoothies for breakfast. (verb)

Considerable: a large or sizable amount or mass of something. (adj)

You need a considerable amount of exercise to be healthy.

Jagged: sharp or pointy. (adj)

I almost cut my face when I slipped on the jagged rock.

Reveal: To show hidden information (noun or verb)

The people working in the haunted house revealed that they where only wearing costumes (verb)

Vacant: Empty, nobody is living there. (Adj)

The hotel room is vacant because no one lives there.

Fragile: Delicate or weak (adj)

The tiny, fragile kitten quietly suckled the milk from the baby bottle.

Humble: To be selfless or modest. (verb or adj)

The woman was humble even though she had won many trophies. (verb)

Awkward: Uncomfortable or abnormal (adj)

The first days of school were awkward because nobody knew each other.

Century: One hundred years (noun)

Centuries ago people had maps instead of using electronics because they didn’t exist.