The Newspaper:  The newspaper is a way of showing news using a printing press.  The first newspaper was made in 1605 in Germany.  It was made because people had to spread news by carving words into blocks of stone.  Newspapers became popular because it was easier and less expensive to make then using blocks of stone.  It is not as popular now because of the internet.

The Telescope:  In the 1300’s, the first eyeglasses were made in Italy.  By the 1600’s, the Dutch were making lenses.  Hans Lippershey invented the telescope in 1608.  It was made so people could see into the sky and look at planets and stars.  It was very popular because we could see cosmic objects we couldn’t see with the naked eye which benefited people by improving our concept of astronomy.

William Gilbert:  Peregrinus did his first study of magnetism in 1269.  His work was mostly forgotten.  In 1581 Robert Norman discovered a magnetic dip (which is an angle made from Earth’s magnetic lines).  His studies intrigued William Gilbert.  Gilbert studied magnetic declination, which is the difference of true and magnetic north.  His studies made people interested and led to the discovery of electrical current.  Von Guericke then studied electrical currents which led to a whole new age of discovery.

Compound Microscope:  Lense making spread to the low countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) in the 1500’s from Italy.  Compound microscopes use multiple lenses to produce magnification.  Compound microscopes can generate 1000+ times the magnification than a naked eye.  It is not known who the inventor is but some suspect Zacharias Janssen.  You can use the compound microscope to see things that are so tiny you can’t see with the naked eye.

My favorite invention is the newspaper because it led to the internet and that’s what im using to write this essay!