One of my talents is that I make fruit dishes for my mom, either it is a funny face or just a pretty design, but when we make some for ourselves it doesn’t look as pretty.  I am really good at combining nutrition and food art.

I can also sprint around 10 mph which is pretty fast.  I can outrun just about anybody.  Not only am I fast, but I can maneuver quickly to confuse people in games of tag.

I can make historically accurate looking airplanes in a video game called Minecraft, which is pretty hard to do!  I can also make replicas out of Legos.

I can sew some basic , but fashionable collars for my two little kittens, Rocket and Soxs.   They look awesome and they are comfortable to wear, so that the kittens don’t try to take them off or overheat in the Florida summers.

Those are my talents, so I hope you liked reading this and getting to know me better.