Calculate: To determine and answer or number mathematically (verb)

I had to calculate hard math problems to finish the day.

Ease; to do something with not a lot of effort. (verb, noun)

The wolf trotted through the snow with ease.(verb)

Accurate: Precise or fact-based. On-target (with a fire arm or any long-ranged weapon) (adj)

He was an accurate shot with a crossbow.

Invisible: Unable to see or not visible. (adj)

The mites living on your face are invisible to the naked eye.

Shabby: Not finished or not a good job (adj)

It is unacceptable to do a shabby job on your homework.

Assist: To help something by doing some share of work. (noun, verb)

I assisted my mom by helping her move a bed. (noun)

Tidy: to clean or to pick up a mess (verb) to be clean or neat (adj)

I tidy my room when people come and visit (verb)

Baggage: a suitcase or luggage carrying personal items. (noun)

The man had lots of baggage because he was moving to Florida.

Afford: Being able to purchase or pay for something (verb)

That man could afford a new car.

Entertain: to amuse or provide enjoyment (verb)

I can entertain myself at the airport by playing with a plush animal.

Venture: To make a risky or dangerous journey (verb or noun)

I had to venture into the basement to find an old photograph. (verb)

Distract: Prevent someone from doing an action (verb)

The boy distracted the man while he did work around the house.

Increase: to make bigger in size or price. (verb) growing or becoming bigger (noun)

The price of the tomatoes increased over the week (verb)

Manufacture: To make something with big machinery (verb noun)

Angry Orchard manufactures an alcohol called hard cider. (noun)

Severe: bad or terribly damaging. (adj)

The burn on his hand was so severe it hurt for days.

Permit: a license that allows you to do something. (noun) to authorization to someone to make them to something (verb)

He has a permit so he can hunt deer through the year (noun)

Lack: to not have something or not have enough of something (adj, noun)

With a lack of a shower, I smelled revolting. (noun)

Valiant: brave or courageous (adj)

The valiant knight slayed the dragon to save the castle.

Plentiful: abundant or full of something. (adj)

The cotton was plentiful on the farm.

Disaster: an event that causes damage or loss of life. (noun)

A game on Roblox is called natural disaster survival where you survive tornadoes, blizzards, tsunamis, ect.