The piano was invented by Bart Christofori about 1700 (no one knows the exact date).  The harpsichord was an earlier  version of a piano, it was invented in the 1400s in Flanders (Belgium).  Christofori worked for the Medicis (a wealthy Italian family) and started selling pianos as the Medici’s wealth declined.  Around the same time the blueprints of a piano were introduced to the public, a journal was published by Christofori about the piano and was widely read.   In 1770 Mozart wrote and performed beautiful works and build a fan base for the piano.  The piano is known as the “King of Instruments” because the instrument covers a full orchestral range!  The pianos popularity declined in the 1900s.  The piano led to the invention of the electric keyboard.  It is my favorite invention because I was reading a National Geographic and there is a new invention of a pair of gloves that when you tap your fingers on a hard surface they respond with a sound made from a piano key being pressed.