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Andrew’s Stay

Our Brunkle (Brother + Uncle) stayed at my house for a week,  It was really fun!

We went to a Manatee viewing area near the warm waters of the Teco Power Plant.  We saw TONS of manatees, even one with a baby.  Ella and I went into a hurricane simulator it made my hair fly all over the place (See picture above)  There also was a stringray touching tank.  I didnt get to pet one because the rays didn’t want to be touched by me, but it was still cool watching them.  We also went to downtown Saint Petersburg and devoured a table’s worth of sushi!  I saw lots of pretty birds while we walked!  We splashed at Fort DeSoto, later my Mom and I made sand castles.  We went on the Gulf pier and saw people catching a lot of fish!  The last thing we did with Andrew was go to Tarpon Springs, the sponge capital of the world!  We went to an aquarium and fed stingrays and sharks.  My sister, Andrew and I went to the biggest candy store I’ve ever seen.  There were taffies, rock candy, caramel, sour baby bottles, huge jawbreakers, and alot more!  Andrew bought some candy for us, which I ate a lot of.

My favorite part of Andrew coming here was going dowtown, enjoying delicious sushi, seeing many species of birds and of course, spending time with my family!  Some of the best things in the world!


What You Need For a Guinea Pig

A guinea pig compared to other pets, isn’t hard to take care of and can be a treat to own.  I will tell you how to take care of guinea pigs in this article.

How many guinea pigs? You should start out with two or more.  You should never only buy one guinea pig because they will get lonely because they are herd animals.  Fun Fact:  In Switzerland it is illegal to have only one guinea pig!

Cages?  A pair of guinea pigs need about 10 square feet to romp around.  Cages that are smaller than that are bad for your guinea pig because they can’t run around.  You should also have time to let your guinea pig out of its cage to bond with you.

Toys? Guinea pigs do not need toys like cats or dogs.  If  guinea pigs run on an exercise wheel for a short period of time they will have injured feet and backs.  Instead of toys, provide more running space.  Some people do not think that guinea pigs run, but that means that the guinea pigs are not in a big enough space.

Do they need chews? Guinea pigs, like other rodents need chews.  It is recommended to provide one to two chews for each piggy.  Since their teeth never stop growing, they need to grind them down in order to eat properly.  Chews keep your guinea pig’s teeth healthy.

Yum, pellets! Give your guinea pigs pellets as well as fresh vegetables for vitamins.  Your guinea pig needs a proper diet of pellets, vegetables, timothy hay, and sometimes fruit.  Feed about 1/8 of a cup of pellets a day as well as vegetables such as kale, carrots, and zucchini.  Vegetables should be about one cup total.  Commercial treats should not be given to your guinea pig, because they contain a lot of artificial sugars such as high fructose corn syrup and contain little nutrients.

Guinea pigs make great pets if you do enough research and know how to properly care for them!




Debunking Parrot Myths!

Sometimes people hear something that sounds legit (but isn’t) and they will tell other people then those people will tell their friends.  That starts a myth which either could kill your bird or compromise  the safety of your bird.

Myth 1: They Are Dirty Animals

Just because they do their “business” a LOT doesn’t mean they are dirty.  They clean themselves almost as frequently as a domesticated cat!

Myth 2: They don’t need a bath because they preen themselves

False!  Preening makes their feathers oily and waterproof.  Bathing, showering, or misting removes dander, dirt, and small particles of food.

Myth 3: You need to buy your parrot grit

You shouldn’t feed your parrot grit because they shell their seeds before they eat the inside.  Doves and pigeons need grit though, because they do not shell the seeds they eat.  Feeding a parrot grit can lead to a crop infection (A crop is a pouch that stores food for short periods of time that most parrots have).


11 myths about parrots and their care


The Rat House + Rat Suit And Top Hat!

I made a new rat house for your stuffed rats, Miku and Roxy.

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My New YouTube Channel!

I have a new YouTube channel were I do voice overs.  Please check my new channel out!  If you like the video please like and subscribe.

I will give you a link to my first video

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“American Girl, A Smart Girls Guide To Manners”

“A Smart Girl’s Guide To Manners” is about learning proper manners.  The author is Nancy Holyoke and the book is illustrated by Julia Bereciartu.  I learned that you should put a napkin on your lap before you start eating to prevent food making it’s way to the floor or on your clothes.  I also learned that at a funeral you can wear other colors than black but it is not the time to wear your brightest outfit either.  I think I needed to read this book because I have been falling behind on my manners.  I recommend this book for anyone that needs help learning manners,  for someone who needs reminders on proper manners, or someone who just likes to read.  The illustrations are fantastic too!  Julia Bereciartu is a very talented artist!  I would rate this book 5 stars because it was very useful.

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The Kestrel And The Osprey

I drew a kestral and a osprey.  Normally an osprey (Or fish hawk) isn’t black but I decided to make its feathers black.  The kesral doesn’t have all of the patterns that it would have in the wild.

Fun Fact:  The kestrel used to be called the sparrow hawk.


Today me, my sister, and my Mom went to Walmart to pick up things we needed.  My Mom pointed out a Elmer’s glue slime recipe that looked simple and fun.  We completed the kit and it turned out very well.

I took the photo with my blue slime

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