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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." – Unknown

The Kestrel And The Osprey

I drew a kestral and a osprey.  Normally an osprey (Or fish hawk) isn’t black but I decided to make its feathers black.  The kesral doesn’t have all of the patterns that it would have in the wild.

Fun Fact:  The kestrel used to be called the sparrow hawk.



Today me, my sister, and my Mom went to Walmart to pick up things we needed.  My Mom pointed out a Elmer’s glue slime recipe that looked simple and fun.  We completed the kit and it turned out very well.

I took the photo with my blue slime

Pancakes Or Waffles?

Pancakes or Waffles, a good but hard question to answer.

Waffles are a square or round dish (sometimes they come in other fun shapes like hearts) that is made by pressing dough or batter in a waffle iron. Waffles were first mentioned in the English language in 1725, but were around in France years before.  They are crunchy and fluffy treats.  They pair well with syrup, fruit, honey, and bacon!

Pancakes are a thin, round, and fluffy fried batter usually made in a skillet.  Pancakes can be made into fun shapes like Mickey Mouse or teddy bears.  Pancakes were first mentioned in Greece in about the 5th century BC (That’s 401 to 500 BC)!  They are soft, smooth, and sweet!  They pair well with syrup, honey, fruit, bacon, eggs, and spam.

Pancakes are my favorite because they are the iconic American breakfast food.  Also because my Mom makes the tastiest pancakes.





My Trip To The Beach

I went to the beach with my Mom, Sister, Grandpa, and Uncle.  We swam, splashed, and made a sandcastle!  I got to help a man named Mike hold a pelican’s beak so that he could remove a hook, lure and fishing line that were entangling the poor animal.  The hook was through its wing and he wasn’t able to fly.  I was kept the pelican’s beak shut so he couldn’t bite anyone, and as soon as Mike was able to untangle the bird and remove the hook, the Pelican flew away.  I felt really good that I helped a creature in need.  A bonus, pelican’s are super soft!  It feels like a teddy bear, but better!  We also built a sandcastle.  It was circle and one side had large stones to prevent the wind from blowing away the crops.  I also found a massive shell with a hermit crab inside, I played with it for a little while then put him back.  I tried to catch other animals, like fish, but they were too small for the net and swam through the holes!  We went to the snack bar and I got a snow cone, my sister got some ice cream and my uncle and grandpa both got lemonades.  Above is a photo of Mike and me on the rocks approaching the helpless pelican.  I had a great day at the beach, not only did I have lots of fun, but I also did a really good deed.

Why Is Bird Poop White?

Why is bird scat (Bird poop) white unlike other animals?  The reason is in contrast to mammals, they do not make urine, or pee.  Instead they excrete nitrogenous wastes in the form of uric acid, which emerges as a white paste.  The bird “poo” is actually more like a birds form of urine if that makes sense.

Facts 1:  Vultures deficate on their feet which kills off bad bacteria that they may get after perching on dead animals.

Fact 2:  You can tell the gender of a turkey by looking at its dropping, males have spiral shaped dropping and females have j shaped dropping.

Fact 3: Since bird dropping are very acidic they can corrode metal!

Facts 4: Some baby birds poop in little sacks, then the mom either flies them far away or eats them!  This keeps the nest clean.

Fact 5: Birds go to the bathroom in flight to keep light.


Fun Facts on Bird Poop


The Importance Of Having Proper Care For A Parrot

If you are getting a parrot you should know the importance of having a decent sized cage for a bird and toys for proper stimulation.  You shouldn’t pet the bird anywhere under the head, that will make the bird think you are its mate and will try to repruduce with you.  A proper size cage for a cockatiel is 20″×20″×24″, but I would aim for something larger, so the bird has lots of space to play.  If you don’t give it enough space then that will lead to anxiety and feather plucking which can cause skin damage.  If you don’t give the bird enough toys to shred, it will make the bird chew and tear things that it shouldn’t like your phone charger.  Always feed your bird a variety of food, 75-85% of a cockatiel’s diet should be pellets and seeds, the rest should be fruits and vegetables.  Having a diverse diet makes the bird healthier than having a plain seed and pellet diet.  Your bird shouldn’t spend all of the day inside it’s cage.  You need to take him out once he is comfortable with you.  Spend a few of hours a day playing or training him to do tricks. Always do your research if you want a pet parrot because they are fun, but they are hard work!

Thank you for reading my essay on having proper care with a pet parrot.


Cockatiel Behaviours

Cockatiels like other parrots have very complex behaviours and social structures.  I will try to lay out their behaviors to make as much sense as possible.

Heart Wings: “Heart Wings” are where males make their wings look hearts by pinning the tips of their wings by their side.  This is a sign of dominance or that the bird is trying to be macho to attract a female.

Wagging their tail: Some parrots wag their tails just like dogs!  It is a gesture of happiness or when the parrot is exited.

Pinning their pupils: Pinning means to make their pupils smaller and is a sign of aggression or agitation.

Raising one foot:  If you are not training your bird to do a handshake then it means its giving you the okay to perch on your arm.

Beak Chattering: This is a gesture of happiness, It means “Keep on petting me here!”.

Fluffing up: This is where the bird ruffles its feather to make it look bigger.  This means it feels cozy around you and they do this when they preen.

Puffing up: Usually confused with fluffing up this is a gesture of fright or aggressiveness. The difference is that they pin their eyes when they puff up.

Raising their crest: The crest is the long feather atop their heads.  When it is raised they are scared or fearful.  Try to remove anything in the room that will scare it.

Thank you for reading my article on cockatiel behaviour.


Pet bird behaviours and what they mean.  AnnieKKay74 on youtube

10 Secrets to reading body language of birds! ParrotWhisperer on youtube

Reading body language of pet birds by geobeats on youtube





My Halloween Costume For 2017

I had alot of choices for what I would be for Halloween.  At Walmart, earlier today, there were lots of ghost, ninja, and vampire costumes, but I’d rather make my own unique costume.  My sister is dressing up as The Gray Rabbit who is the enemy of the White Rabbit from Wonderland.  I’m being the Grey Rabbit’s zombie minion.

WHAT I DID FOR THE COSTUME:  I laid out a white tank top and started adding red paint and fake blood.  For the darker part I added bloody scab makeup (It sounds really nasty but it is just darker than the blood).  I will add black makeup under my eyes to make me look like a crazy zombie.  I will frizz up my hair to add to the undead look.  I can’t wait for Halloween and the FREE candy!


Chicken Coops

I am making a coop for a chicken named Lady Fingers who is a gift from a friend named Jess.  I only want one or two chickens because I’m not raising them for eggs.  I like coops where the run is under the coop like the first link.  I also like the creativity in the second link because it’s a castle for chickens!  Things that you need for a chicken coop are:  Nesting boxes, roosts  (or perches), feeders and waterers, a run or fenced in area.  Remember that you should give them a little more space for each chicken.  Then you need to pick your chickens, Rhode Insland Reds and Black Australorps are somewhat common.  Depends what you want in a chicken, if you want colorful eggs consider an Easter Egger,  If you want a lot of eggs get a Leghorn.

Im super exited to get a coop ready for Lady Fingers!




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