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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." – Unknown

If I Had A Superpower

If I had a superpower I would want to fly.  I would fly because it would be fun to glide with an osprey, flutter with wild parakeets and watch mice with owls up in the trees.  I would use my power of flight to watch birds and butterflies.  If I could fly, I would also fly with airplanes.  I would want to fly because I see lots of birds where I live and I would like to fly with them.

Words For May

Create: to build or design something. (verb)

I created a naval ship in a building game.

Blend: to mix something with another thing. (verb)

My mom blends fruit smoothies for breakfast. (verb)

Considerable: a large or sizable amount or mass of something. (adj)

You need a considerable amount of exercise to be healthy.

Jagged: sharp or pointy. (adj)

I almost cut my face when I slipped on the jagged rock.

Reveal: To show hidden information (noun or verb)

The people working in the haunted house revealed that they where only wearing costumes (verb)

Vacant: Empty, nobody is living there. (Adj)

The hotel room is vacant because no one lives there.

Fragile: Delicate or weak (adj)

The tiny, fragile kitten quietly suckled the milk from the baby bottle.

Humble: To be selfless or modest. (verb or adj)

The woman was humble even though she had won many trophies. (verb)

Awkward: Uncomfortable or abnormal (adj)

The first days of school were awkward because nobody knew each other.

Century: One hundred years (noun)

Centuries ago people had maps instead of using electronics because they didn’t exist.

Underground Railroad

The underground railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses through out the United States in the early to mid 19th century.  It was neither under ground nor a railroad but the African-American slaves used it to escape to free states or to Canada secretly.  When escaped slave finders couldn’t find the slaves they thought that they somehow caught a train underground and escaped. Harriet Tubman was one of the conductors, people who helped over 100,000 slaves become free.  One of the songs they used to get to freedom is “Follow The Drinking Gourd”.  Songs were used instead of maps because if a slave was caught with a map they would be heavily punished.


Peregrine Falcon

This is a drawing of a peregrine falcon, named Missy. I think I did pretty well.

Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius was born December 31, 1514 in Brussels, Netherlands.  (Modern day Belgium) He was born into a special line of doctors.  His Great-grandfather and grandfather both served as doctors in the German Empire.  He started college in the Netherlands but went to Paris as he became more interested in anatomy.  He learned of Galen (a famous physician in 150 ad) and his critics.  He wanted to prove that Galen was wrong about human anatomy because Galen dissected pigs and monkeys and guessed that human anatomy would be about the same. Galen’s work hadn’t been criticized in 1300 years!  Galen couldn’t dissect humans because at the time it was considered very wrong to do so.  Usually doctors that teach, would get barbers (ones that did surgery) to dissect human corpses because they thought that they didn’t need to get their hands dirty. Vesalius dissected every one of the corpses that he used. His big impact on history is that he wrote “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” or On The Fabric Of The Human Body.  He is now known as the Father Of Anatomy.

Great White

This is a great white shark that I drew. I feel like it is to skinny to be a great white but it turned out to look like a thrasher porbeagle mix

A Penguin

I drew a penguin for homework purposes, I think it looks good

The Gift Of Magi

The Gift Of Magi, written by O. Henry is about a girl named Della who wants to buy her master, Jim, a present for Christmas.   Jim has a fancy gold watch that has a leather strap instead of a chain.  After buying groceries and other things she has $1.87 which isn’t enough to buy him a present with.  She goes to barber and she asks the barber to buy her hair.  The barber says she will buy her hair for $20 she replies “Do it now, quickly”.  She buys Jim a chain for his watch. She hopes he will think she is still pretty. I would say this book is 5 star because she sacrificed something that she had for her master Jim.

Doctor Dolittle book review

Doctor Dolittle is a story about a doctor that loves animals.  He adopts the animals that ask to live with him.  (He can speak to animals)  People stopped visiting him because the animals were every where.  I don’t want to spoil the whole book because you should read it.  I would say this book is five star because of how interesting this book is.

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