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Chicken Coops

I am making a coop for a chicken named Lady Fingers who is a gift from a friend named Jess.  I only want one or two chickens because I’m not raising them for eggs.  I like coops where the run is under the coop like the first link.  I also like the creativity in the second link because it’s a castle for chickens!  Things that you need for a chicken coop are:  Nesting boxes, roosts  (or perches), feeders and waterers, a run or fenced in area.  Remember that you should give them a little more space for each chicken.  Then you need to pick your chickens, Rhode Insland Reds and Black Australorps are somewhat common.  Depends what you want in a chicken, if you want colorful eggs consider an Easter Egger,  If you want a lot of eggs get a Leghorn.

Im super exited to get a coop ready for Lady Fingers!





My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher I’ve ever had would be my Mom, Nikki.  She doesn’t usually act frustrated like my other teachers.  Probably because my other teachers had to manage 30 or more kids and my Mom only has to work with two.  My Mom is sweet, smart, and she is very patient.  Doing home school has benefits such as:  You don’t have to wake up early for a bus and you can spend as little or as much time needed to do homework.  I love having my Mom as my teacher because she tries to add things I enjoy into learning.  I also like homeschooling with my Mom because if I get frustrated or get writers block I can go pet our “classroom” pets, Rocket and Soxs.

The Torpedo

The Torpedo is a fighter paper airplane that I made.  The blue represents water and torpedoes go with water.  I wanted the paint job to look fierce and fast just like my paper airplane.

The American Crow

The American Crow’s scientific name is Corvus brachyrhynchos.  The American Crow is native to North America along with the Fish Crow, Northwestern Crow, and the Tamaulipas Crow.  They are intelligent omnivores that have adapted to have large brains that allow them to scavenge for food in the most challenging areas.  Some things you should never feed a crow are:

  •  Apple Seeds: They contain small doses of Cyanide which us humans can handle but crows can’t.
  • Chocolate: The chocolate poisons their digestive system and gives them diarrhea and causes vomiting, which lead to seizures and death.
  • Tomato Leaves:  The fruit is fine for a crow to eat, however the leaves contain toxins that can make the crow sick.

We have an American crow that sometimes visits your house.  His name is Gunter and he loves grapes!  I used to feed him a lot, but I slowly stopped because I had other priorities.  I think I want to start feeding him again and keep building our trust and friendship..

My Trip To A Museum In Jasper

Before we came back to Florida, we stopped by our Grandma Paula’s house and went to a grand museum.

We saw old machines and trinkets that looked like they still could work.  There was a pretend station that included a boat and a few doll houses that you could interact with.  My sister really liked a school area which was part of the small child area.  In a corner there was a stool with a dunce hat, I took a picture with the hat on.

My favorite part was the taxidermy section because I love animals, even stuffed ones.  I really liked the raptors section because I’m interested in birds at the moment.  There was a bald eagle and a golden eagle (they’re brown by the way).  If you read my essay on Hurricanes then you know that Golden eagles fly at speeds of 120 mph!

Thank you for reading my essay on going to a Museum in Jasper!


Words For September

Apparent: clearly seen or obvious (adj)

It was apparent she didn’t like the food.

Benefit: receive an advantage (verb) an advantage from something (noun)

A symbiotic relationship is a relationship were both things benefit (noun)

Inspire: to encourage someone to do something, usually a creative thing (verb)

He inspired me with a vision of  courage.

Reading Log

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North American Wildlife by Reader’s Digest (Birds pg 108-109) – 10/18/17


























My Dream Bird Cage

My dream parrot cage would be full of colorful budgerigars.  All of my birds would be named after fruits that I enjoy to eat:  Apple, Banana, Orange, and Strawberry.  I would have male and female budgies so I could have budgie chicks.  There would be lots of nesting boxes for the eggs.  I would include a variety of toys and puzzles to keep my birds stimulated and happy.  Every single budgie I had would know how to sit on my finger like it was a branch.  On one side of the cage I would have a feeding tray which would be filled with exotic fruits like mangoes and melons.  On the other side of the cage there would be a shallow water dish.  On the top of the cage there will be another shallow dish but it serve as a bird bath.

Thank you for reading my ideas on a perfect bird cage.  Comment what color budgie you like the best,  I really like sea foam colored budgies which are light teal.

Math Log

I’ve been practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division games on Math Playground for months.  Unfortunately, a glitch happened and all the things I’ve logged before 9/14/17 have disappeared. – 9/14/17 – 9/22/17 – 9/23/17

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Division Review – 10/17/17

Prime Climb Game For 1 Hour – 10/17/17








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