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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." – Unknown

Words for July

Contribute: to give or provide something (verb)

My mom contributes lots of time and money into raise.

Source: a person, place or thing where something can we obtained.(noun) to obtain something.(verb)

He collected the wool from the source, the farm.

Entrance: an opening such as a door that lets you into an area (noun)

She made a dramatic entrance into the school.

Precious: an object that is very valuable or something to not treat carelessly. (adj) a term for someone who you love. (noun)

The precious kitten mewed sofly because he was tired. (adj)

Attentive: interested or focused in something (adj)

He was very attentive when he watched birds

Response: an answer that is verbal or that is written (noun)

His response to the question left the crowd laughing.

Appropriate:  suitable or proper (adj) take something without the owner’s permission. (verb)

He did not act appropriate in front of the guests. (adj)

Analyze: to study or examine something. (verb)

The scientist carefully analyzed the question and fixed the problem.

Capable: To have the power or ability to do a specific thing. (adj)

The man was capable of bench pressing 600 pounds!

Portion: To have a piece, percent or section of something (noun)  To divide something into parts for two or more people.

I went to a buffet and ate a portion of food. (noun)

Recent: having happened or been done not long ago (adj)

I unpacked my toys from my recent visit to the beach.

Communicate: to give information. (verb)

She was able to communicate her ideas very clearly.

Prefer: to like something more than another (verb)

I prefer cake over pie.

Hail: pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers (noun)  (a large number of objects) fall or be hurled forcefully (verb)

The hail hit me in the head when I stepped outside (noun)

Limb: a leg or arm of a human or animal, a large branch on a tree. (noun)

I saw a bird find a grub in the limb of a tree.

Envy: to be jealous of someone elses possessions, qualities, or luck (noun, verb)

The girl envied her because she had a beautiful face (verb)

Distress: to have extreme sorrow or anxiety. (noun) to cause someone suffering or pain (verb)

Distressed jeans are jeans that have been ripped or torn. (noun)

Terror: extreme fear or danger (noun)

My cat acted like a terror and made a ruckus all night long.

Weather: the state of the atmosphere at a time and place that regards heat, dryness, sunshine, ect. (noun, verb)

The weather was very cloudy today. (noun)

F-ing Good Mac and Cheese

When I was around 4 years old, my Dad made the family a mouthwatering dinner, it was some very scrumptious macoroni and cheese.  My Mom usually made healthy food.  The mac and cheese was way better than any vegetable my Mom had ever cooked.  When I took the first amazing bite I could feel a taste sensation in my mouth and I said ” This is f-ing good mac n cheese!”.  Everyone chuckled happily but my Dad wasn’t very proud that I didn’t act classy at the dinner table.  It was the first time I EVER cursed.

Weighing Scale

The weighing scale was invented by Richard Salter around 1770.

Richard Salter was born in 1659 in Bilston, England.  He was a spring maker, he made the spring scale.  The spring scale was a handheld scale.  It lets you weigh something almost instantly, which saved lots of time.  He called it “pocket steelyards”  though they work on a different principle from steelyard balances (A steelyard is kind of like a crane).  Salter’s scales were so popular he founded a company to sell them with his nephews. He also made the first bathroom scale in England.  It impacts History because it led to the invention of the digital scale, which helps us make the right amount of medicine, food, and is also used in Chemistry.


James Watt

James Watt was born in 1736 in Scotland.  He is a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer, and chemist.  He worked at the University of Glasgow.  He was interested in the technology of steam engines.  He made a new device which was an early copying machine in 1780. He improved Newcomen’s Steam Engine in 1781 which was a big step for the Industrial Revolution.  He had trouble commercializing his product because he had financial issues until he partnered with Matthew Boulten.  His partnership with Boulten was successful and James Watt became very wealthy.  In his retirement, Watt made many inventions but none of them were as popular as his improved engine.  The SI unit (International System of Units) of measuring power, the watt, was named after him because he developed horsepower.  He is my favorite inventor because I have a board game that uses batteries to power things like lights.

The Importance Of Wolves In Yellowstone National Park

In 1492 Europeans began to settle in America. Before the Europeans discovered the Americas, Native Americans thought wolves had healing powers, they were not feared.  The wolves ate the North American settlers’ livestock (cows, goats, pigs, sheep and chickens).  The settlers killed the wolves because they needed to protect their livestock because it was a major source of their food.  The killing of wolves continued for hundreds of years and even sometimes came with a reward.  As the wolf population decreased, the elk population skyrocketed.  In Yellowstone National Park the cotton tree and many other plants dying and endangered because there were so many elk and no predators to keep their numbers down.  Their was no vegetation to feed the animals of the park, Warblers (a type of small bird) and Elk (deer) suffered the most.  When they reintroduced wolves back into Yellowstone National Park in 1995 everything went back to a healthy environment for many animals.  If you remove one bit of a balanced ecosystem, it can have major effects, even rivers had changed course due to the wolf population.



Crayfish Care

Crayfish are intriguing creatures!  Most people opt for a fish if they get an aquarium, getting a crayfish could be more pleasing.

They are hunters so you could observe them stalk fish or feeder shrimp.  They are also cool animals because they have their own personality, some are sassy and some are shy.  They are weird creatures too (in a good way) because they jet backwards when they are frightened!  Plus decorating their tank is fun.  They need around 2 ½ gallons for one crayfish.  They need lots hiding areas, each tank should have slightly more hiding areas than crayfish.  You can feed them sinking fish food pellets but they can eat meats and veggies (a little bit of grape acts as a nice treat once in a while).

They are very amazing creatures.

(Picture of crayfish by me and my awesome photography skills)

Anders Celsius

Anders Celsius was born in 1701 in Scotland.  He was born of a family of scientists.  His grandfather was an intelligent scientist.  He had an uncle called Olaf who was an influential scientist too.  He invented the Centigrade temperature scale in 1742.  It was  originally backwards! (The boiling point was 0°c and the freezing point was 100°c).  He also participated in the expeditions to determine what shape the earth is.  His expeditions made him famous.  His friend Linnaeus made Celsius’ temperature scale accurate.  He also studied the Northern Lights.  He discovered what causes them is charged gas particles from the sun which collide when they interact with Earth’s electromagnetic fields thus give off colors.  He died in 1744 but his contributions are still remembered today.  He is my favorite inventor this week because when I lived in Maine my mom checked the temperature and it was -11°f which is -23°c , it was really cold.

The Inventions I Learned This Week

Coke-Fired Blast Furnace:  Abraham Darby was born 1678, and learned an early coke-burning iron process from his great grand-uncle who had served in the English Civil War.  Then, Darby took his skills, his own interests, and his Uncles stories and made the coke-fired blast furnace.  Then he made a factory that efficiently smelted iron, but he had competition from brass makers.  In 1712 the Newcomen steam engine was invented.  Darby’s factory produced iron and people were buying lots of it in order to keep up with production demands for the Newcomen steam engine. Supplying the much needed iron for this product demand helped him stay in business and surpass the brass makers in a competition for money and market share.  His iron was used to build the world’s first steam-powered locomotive and the first iron arch bride.  The coke-fired blast furnace made the Industrial Revolution in 1800s possible.

Newcomen Steam Engine: Denis Papin built the first steam engine in 1690.  Thomas Savery built and patented the first steam pump in 1698.  In 1712 Thomas Newcomen build the first true steam engine.  The steam engine pumped water out of mines.  It totally changed mining in England and all accross Europe.  It also could operate tools, transportation and machinery.  In 1781 James Watt invented a refined engine.

Thomas Newcomen: Thomas Newcomen was born 1663, in Dartmouth, New Hampshire (I find that kind of cool because I lived in New Hampshire once).  He became an ironmonger (a person who sells hardware tools) but he wanted to be a pastor.  He helped Thomas Savery build his steam engine and Savery got a patent in 1707.  Newcomen then realized there were many flaws in that engine design and improved upon it.  600 of Newcomen’s new and improved steam engines were installed into trains, tools, and machinery by the end of the 1700s.  He used the money he earned to fund his calling of becoming a pastor.

Octant: It was built in 1730 by John Hadley and Thomas Godfrey.  It calculates the distance from the person using it and a celestial object (An object in the sky).  It works day and night.  It was smaller, lighter, and easier to use than other nautical tools, such as the astrolabe.  It took over the instrument market in 1780.  It was an invention which led to other technoligies that became crucial to the Industrial Revolotion.  It is my favorite invention because me and my Mom could have used it when we were  lost and almost stranded out in the Gulf of Mexico



My Journey Of Snorkeling

I had a sleep over with my friends, Hunter (Middle) and Autumn (Left).  We went snorkeling in Jupiter, Florida and the water was so clear that you could see 20 feet down easily!  We saw a baby barracuda (It was so cute, I wouldn’t have minded if it bit my toe off, but luckily it didn’t).  I found a pufferfish and I named him Mr. Puff Puff.  We also saw huge schools of bait fish (A bait fish is a common sandy-colored fish)  and that sums up my first time snorkeling.

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